Marquita L. Byrd

Marquita L. ByrdAssociate Professor Communication Studies




Current Research Activities

My main question is how would I get quantitative data analyzed without paying for it or having to write a grant to get money to do it. Since we have no research department or office do to it, I have stopped my quantitative research. How can I get that done without paying students to enter data into SPSS? We have no way to read IBM data sheets. People keep telling me we have someone here who can do it, but they have been hidden from me for 25 yrs.

Research Connections to Current Events

The cultural diversity of the student body heavily informs my emphasis in communication, diversity and culture. They bring experiences and questions to the classes that help me gain a deeper understanding of culture, identity and experience.

Personal Connections to Research

I loved talking to people, I loved giving speeches and every class I took as an undergraduate seemed like it was about me. In every course I felt that I was simply remembering knowledge I already had. Communication Studies prepares people for healthy lives and relationships across the lifespan. When people take our courses they learn how to live, how to think and how to be in relationships with self and others. No matter what one’s job or career is what sustains life is relationships with others.