David Schuster

David Schuster

Associate Professor,  



What research questions currently preoccupy you?

How do we leverage the strengths of people to improve cyber security? My research focuses cyber security professionals as part of the solution. What knowledge, skills, and attitudes help cyber professionals perform the difficult task of keeping our computer networks secure? I am also interested in how video games change the brain and whether we can systematically leverage their effects to improve cognitive performance.

What personal factors contributed to your research?

I've always been interested in technology and fascinated by people, so psychology and a career in human factors were the right path for me. We tend to think of cyber security as a technological problem, but it's also a problem in which people play a critical role. Yet, we are only just starting to learn how people can facilitate or hinder cyber security.

What has been most challenging in your research?

Speaking across disciplines is always a challenge and evolving skill. We are trained to speak the language of our disciplines and approach problems in a particular way. For my research to be impactful, I must incorporate expertise from multiple domains. And, as human factors is a relatively small field, we need to be able to explain what we do and the benefits of our work to a wide audience.

How has your position in SJSU contributed to your research?

My research is where it is today because of the support and mentoring of my SJSU colleagues and the talent and dedication of my students. I continue to be impressed by both groups.