Mary Currin-Percival


Mary Currin Percival

Associate Professor
Department of Political Science


elections, civic engagement, teaching and learning in political science, California politics and government

Current Research Activities

Most of my current projects focus on the scholarship of teaching and learning, civic engagement, and California politics. In one project, I examine how participation in an active-learning “get out the vote” (GOTV) project affects students’ political efficacy, political knowledge, and intent to vote using a quasi-experimental design. In California’s Recall Election of Gavin Newsom: The Politics of Reform in the COVID Era (forthcoming 2022), my co-authors and I examine the politics of the recall movement against Gavin Newsom. I am also currently working on a project evaluating an impeachment simulation in a U.S. Presidency course and hope to further examine the effectiveness of simulations as teaching tools in U.S. institutions courses. 


Research Connections to Current Events

My work on voter mobilization efforts, especially of underrepresented groups, will add to our understanding of representative democracy and elections studies in general. Students engaged in these mobilization efforts not only become more motivated to participate, they encourage others to vote and stay informed. My research and service in civic engagement contribute to the national discussion on the importance of having an informed and engaged citizenry.