Xiaojia Hou

Xiaojia Hou

Associate Professor, History


What research questions currently preoccupy you?

I am quite interested in how the Yellow River has interacted with politics in modern China.

What personal factors contributed to your research?

Part of the official Chinese history that I learned in Chinese schools did not make sense. I wondered what really had happened and how the history has been distorted in China.

What has been most challenging in your research?

Lack of access to archives and censorship in China.

How has your position in SJSU contributed to your research?

Wonderful colleagues in SJSU that know my field and share with me their wisdom; also the rich academic resource on Asian studies in the Bay Area.

A hidden (research) talent:

Making fun of myself.

One book that changed your life (or research) and why:

In Peking University, I read Mao’s China and After, written by Maurice Meisner. It opened a whole new window for me to understand modern China. At that moment, I decided to study Chinese history in the US.

RSCA Accomplishments

My manuscript Negotiating Socialism in Rural China: Mao, Peasants and Local Cadres in Shanxi, 1949–1953 was accepted for publication by the Cornell East Asia Series, coming out in 2016.
My book review for Liping Zhu, The Road to Chinese Exclusion was published in Colorado Book Review Center, April, 2014."