Stephanie Coopman

Stephanie CoopmanProfessor, Communication


Current Research Activities

What role has the communication imperative played in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic? How can the communication discipline best contribute to effectively responding to the pandemic? How can we address the communicative issues raised by the pandemic in our classes? What are the latest best practices in teaching public speaking? What are the latest best practices in teaching and learning  more generally in communication courses? How effective are experiential learning courses such as internships and study abroad programs in the short-term? How effective are experiential courses in the long-term? 

What contributed to your research interests?

My last book project led me to this topic.

How does your research relate to current issues?

As the U.S. and the world struggle with defining the boundaries of and engaging in civil discourse in the midst of a pandemic, my work in best practices for public speaking and communication directly address how we can teach students to listen to others and articulate their own thoughts.

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