Megan Thiele

Megan Thiele

Associate Professor, Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Current Research Activities

How can we understand social problems? Does teacher well-being predict teenage suicide using states as a unit of analysis? Does it matter if legislators were publicly educated for state spending on higher education? 

What contributed to your research interests?

Yes, growing up working class and with a mentally ill caregiver impacted my pursuits. Experiencing different education climates (two high schools and one private university for my BA and a public university for my MA/PhD) impacted my interest in education. Having experienced mental health problems inspired my interest in explaining youth suicide. 

How does your research relate to current issues?

Suicidality is big news right now. Teacher pay is also big news. Funding for higher education is pertinent both nationally and also at SJSU. My workshop on social justice and yoga informs lay people/yogis about sociological concepts that are helpful in our current era of climate destabilization and need for sustainable thoughts and practices. My work centers around education, equity and sustainability. All of these topics have very important connections to what is now happening in our world.