Ahoura Zandiatashbar

Assistant ProfessorAhoura Zandiatashbar

Department of Urban

and Regional Planning



Current Research Activities

My current RSCA activities answers a few questions: What are the impacts of high-tech economic geography/clusters in the nation on the surrounding communities? 2) How does the built environment & new micromobility infrastructure affect different crime (surrounding transit stations)? How successful was the SJ Bike system in residents mode change and what factors can support this further?

Research Connections to Current Events

My work on the impacts of high-tech clusters cope with the rise of anchor/high-tech based economic development/urban revitalization (e.g., Google-San Jose new development), The City's effort in expanding bike system and achieving their vision zero goal, encouraging transit ridership which is highly impacted by crime in the bay area.

Personal Connections to Research

The work on SJ Bikeways system and crime are personal motivation which brought me to San Jose to pursue my research in supporting a big change in a very auto-dominated area. My work on the tech clusters is for a book contract I have with Elsevier. My work on the SJ Bikeway is a sponsored grant too.

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Economic Geography, Built Environment, Healthy City, Active Mobility

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