Matthew Holian

Matthew HolianProfessor, Economics

Current Research Activities

Which housing and transportation policies are effective in lowering energy consumption and fighting climate change? What can we learn from public micro data about society, in the areas of migration, labor, health, family, housing, transportation and the environment?

What contributed to your research interests?

I hope to make an impact on society through my research, and climate change is an important issue that my research relates to. I also hope to help train the next generation of  researchers who can further our understanding on other questions of social importance.

How does your research relate to current issues?

In searching for research topics, it is important to find topics about which one is passionate. After all, successful completion of a research article can often take several years. A topic which is merely feasible or just “cute” will not sustain one’s interest for the long haul. So for example I think my research on pedestrian safety could actually help prevent some deaths. I find this to be a strong motivator!

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