Lawrence Quill

Professor, Political ScienceLawrence Quill

Current Research Activities

I am examining the link between technology and politics, through the lens of social and political theory. I am especially interested in Smart City narratives and the employment of empathic AI. I am also interested in the use of AI in the field of mental health. I am currently developing a proposal for a full length treatment concerning theories of social engineering. 

What contributed to your research interests?

It's hard not to be impressed with the dynamism (and contradictions) of Silicon Valley. Living and working in the Bay Area is terribly exciting.

How does your research relate to current issues?

With my co-author, Dr. Roxana Marachi (School of Education, SJSU), we have  engaged in a series of projects examining the impact of technology on higher education. With Prof. Hasmet Uluorta (Politics, Trent University, Canada) we have compared Alphabet's plans for Sidewalk Toronto with San Jose's Smart City Vision. Currently, I am also examining the effectiveness of mHealth Apps in response to a  shortage of mental health care professionals  in CA and the UK.