Aidin Hajikhameneh

Aidin Hajikhameneh

Assistant Professor, Economics

Current Research Activities

My research interests stretch over the fields of experimental and behavioral economics, and economic history. Broadly speaking, through the fusion of economic history and laboratory experiment, I am interested in delineating the role of culture, religion, and institutions in process of economics decision making. This relatively new blend of economic history and experimental economics shows great promise for empirical study of historical episodes. With this approach in mind, I have focused my attention on the role of culture in historical patterns of economic development.  For example in a couple of research papers I study the effect  individualistic versus collectivistic orientation, which is the most significant cultural difference between eastern and western societies, on economic decision making.

What contributed to your research interests?

I have been fascinated by the question of why Middle Eastern countries, contrary to their early fortune, had languished behind Western European societies over the past few centuries. One contributing factor was that people from collectivist cultures like those in the Middle East make different economic decisions than those from more individualistic backgrounds. I tried to embed this question as the underlying component of my research agenda.

How does your research relate to current issues?

I have always been curious about how people make their decisions and how they can be nudged in certain directions. I picked behavioral and experimental economics, in the tradition of Smith, Tversky, and Kahneman, as my fields of specialization to explore and study the processes behind the economic decision making.

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Other languages: Persian/Farsi

Keywords: Culture, Enforcement Institutions, Religion, Uncertainty, Exchange, Decision Making,  Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics.