Departments and Programs


Twelve departments in the College of Social Sciences prepare students to lead in a rapidly changing world. Departments at CoSS provides a strong foundation for careers in teaching, counseling, law enforcement, and public administration, as well as careers in organizations focused on the environment, user experiences, historic preservation, and business.


Our programs emphasizes on careers in business, government and nonprofit organizations, prepare students for graduate and doctoral programs and empower them as democratic participants.

Institutes and Centers

Organized research and training unit(s) (ORU/ORTU) are established within the University to facilitate the conduct and dissemination of research, perform public services, and provide special training. They serve to fulfill the long-range needs and interests of the faculty and the university.

San José State University has over 30 research units and facilities that partner industry with academic research to enhance technology, encourage the development of new products, and improve education.


Certificates signify that you have reached a recognized standard of knowledge about a certain vocational or professional subject. Undergraduate certificates represent completion of a specific program offered in coordination with a bachelor's degree, while graduate certificates represent completion of studies beyond the bachelor's degree, yet short of a master's degree.