Enrollment Limit and Waitlist

Fall 2021

See the following topics for details and updates:

Enrollment Limit 

  • All undergraduate students will have an initial unit limit of 17 units.
  • Graduating seniors who applied by March 15, 2021, will have their enrollment limit raised to 19 units on Friday, June 25, 2021. These students may file the Excess Units Petition to register for up to 21 units. 
  • Continuing undergraduate students in good standing with a cumulative SJSU GPA of 2.0 or higher will have their enrollment limit raised to 19 units on Friday, July 2, 2021. Those who want to enroll for up to 21 units can file the Excess Units Petition.
  • Graduate students will have an enrollment limit of 16 units throughout the advance registration period.  If you need over 16 units limit, submit the Excess Units Petition which is available at the Graduate Admission & Program Evaluation (GAPE) website.

Enrollment Limit Chart for Undergraduate Students

  5/12/21-6/24/21 6/25/21-7/1/21 7/2/21-8/1/21 8/2/21-8/16/21
New admits and students on probation 17 17 17 17
Continuing students
(in good standing)
17 17 19 19*
Graduating seniors
(applied for graduation by 3/15/21)
 17  19 19 19*

*Excess Units Petition required to raise the enrollment limit above 19 units, and up to 21 units. This petition will be available on Registrar's Forms page beginning August 2, 2021.

How does waitlist work?

The waitlist policy provides students with a process to help them enroll in a class that is full, if seats become available.

See SJSU catalog for assistance with:

  • Signing up for waitlist
  • Issues that prevent you from being enrolled
  • Billing information

Automated Waitlist Process

The automated waitlist process with the reordering of the graduating seniors and graduating graduate students to be prioritized on the waitlists will run starting June 1 through the 9 days after the start of the semester, August 27. Enrollment priority is based on when the student signed up on the waitlist and their expected graduation date for Fall 2021, Spring and Summer 2022.

Graduate students with an approved candidacy form on file and with 21 units earned will be given priority with the same standing as graduating seniors. They will be added to the class based on when they signed up.

Variable Waitlist Unit Limit

Undergraduate Students

  • During the first three weeks of the advance registration, students are limited to 5 waitlist units.
  • Starting June 1, the Variable Waitlist Unit Limit will apply.   
    • The Variable Waitlist Unit Limit defines the available units a student can waitlist at a given time. Here is the formula: Variable Waitlist Unit Limit = 17 minus Enrolled Units
    • Waitlist units formula remains at 17 despite the raise of enrollment limits or approved of excess units petition.
    • The system will refresh the student’s enrollment on a nightly basis. See table below for an example of the nightly changes on the variable waitlist:







Total Units












Available Waitlist Units






*The available waitlist units will remain at 5 once your enrollment has reached 12 or more units.

Graduate Students

  • Waitlist is limited to 5 units for the entire advance registration period.