Undergraduate Graduation


Spring 2020 Graduates:

The final review of all of your degree requirements takes 5-6 weeks from when academic standing was posted on June 8th.   Most degrees will be awarded  by July 17, 2020.  

To check if your degree has been awarded, please go to MySJSU to view your unofficial transcripts.  For instructions on how to view your Unofficial Transcript, see View My Unofficial Transcript.

For more information click here [pdf].   

If you did not complete all degree requirements,  a Hold Letter will be sent to your  SJSU email.  The Hold Letter will outline outstanding degree requirements. 

For more information click here [pdf].


These pages provide an overview of the graduation application process, timelines, communication you can expect to receive, degree posting, and diplomas. If you still have questions after reviewing the information on these pages, please contact your graduation evaluator [pdf].  

Graduation vs Commencement


Graduation is the completion of degree requirements. Your transcripts will include your degree and major after we award your degree.


Commencement is the ceremony to honor students whose degrees have been awarded, or will be awarded in the current semester.

  • The fall ceremony is for the preceding summer and current fall graduates.
  • The spring ceremony is for the current spring and upcoming summer graduates.

Your graduation status will show one of the following:

  1. Eligible to Apply:

    You have completed at least 85 units and have good academic standing
  2. Applied for Graduation:

    Office of the Registrar has received your application
  3. Needs to Finish Pending Work:

    The graduation team has reviewed your application and sent notification to you
  4. Degree Awarded:

    You have completed all degree requirements

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    Learn what to do between submitting your application and your degree posting
  • Degree, Diploma, and Honors
    Know what to expect after your degree has been awarded
  • Postponing Graduation
    Review your options if you have not finished degree requirements at the end of the semester for which you applied

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