Associated Students offers the following scholarships to San Jose State University students to help offset the costs of attending college. Apply through the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office starting in the spring.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • All applicants must be matriculated students who have completed a minimum of 15 semester units at SJSU and are in good standing
  • Outgoing and past elected Associated Students officials are eligible to apply and receive an award.
  • Incoming Associated Students elected officials are not eligible to receive the award
  • Awards based on financial need must be verified by the Financial Aid Office and require supporting documentation as determined from the FAFSA application.
  • Recipients are restricted to one A.S. Scholarship while attending SJSU.
  • Must meet eligibility based on S05-04 University Qualifications.
  • Award may not exceed a student's "cost of attendance" at San Jose State University and may affect their financial award package.
  • GPA requirement shall be determined by a cumulative GPA of 2.5 and above (an exception is the A.S. Legacy Award, which requires a 2.75 GPA). No letter of recommendation required.

A.S. Scholarships 2022
Associated Students scholarship recipients demonstrate exemplary leadership and involvement in campus and community life, including student organizations, sports, campus committees, volunteerism, community, and civic activism. A total of $93,250 will be awarded to our deserving and admirable Spartans.

A.S. First-Generation Student Scholarship ($1,000 per recipient)
Awarded to students who are first in their family to attend college. The awardee is a role model for future first-generation students, supports the success of peers and acts as a mentor and support for the youth.

Fatima Alarcon
Andrea Alonso Mendoza
Katherine Amador-Rangel
Mariana Arellanes
Moncerrat Bernal Dominguez
Hoi Chan
Hongliang Chen
Dalia Cruz
Thi Ngoc Diem Vu
Carlos Escobar
Nora Espinal
Yectzi Garcia
Daisy Gutierrez Arguello
Uriel Herrera
Jennifer Lanoie

Cindy Ma
Fernando Martinez
Diego Munoz
Sabrina Nabizada
Jonathan Olivares
Crispin Perez Torres
Karley Ruvalcaba-Enriquez
Destiny Santana
Jose Luiz Sarabia Torres
Kimberly Sotelo
Marcia Sotil
Aubrey Tibbls
Jonathan Velasco Figueroa
Austin Wong
Benjamin Wu

A.S. Legacy Award ($1,500 per recipient)
Awarded to students who encourage optimism and create a legacy through exemplary leadership, support, academic and extracurricular involvement and contribution for the betterment of the campus and the community.

Lester Ace Lavaro
Ryan-Alexander Arce Jaeger
Eric Barlog
Bonny Barker
Meghan Graham
Evelyn Huynh
Joshua Cooney
Kaya Kaya
Sneha Krishnan
Asia Maxwell
Josephine McNulty
Hal Nguyen
Imara Osorno
Iris Schmidt
Daisha Sherman

St. Saffold Leadership Scholarship ($1,000 per recipient)
Named after St Saffold, a well-recognized and honored SJSU alum, the scholarship is awarded to students who embody true SJSU leadership, inspiring peers to make a difference and to bring passion in helping others.

Alejandra Aguirre
Sadia Altaf
Diego Andaluz
Priscyla Avalos
Allison Cospin
Liszette Gonzalez
Brianna Granados
Khang Huynh
Erin Johnson
Sienna Kuykendall
Magdalena Lazaro
David Lopez Ortega
Tira Robles
Brenda Ubaldo Romero
Gabrielle Uyeda

A.S. Advocacy Award ($750 per recipient)
Awarded to students who strongly advocate for social justice through diverse forms of civic engagement, such as volunteer work and public activism, to create a more socially-conscious campus community.

Preston Akubuo-Onwuemeka
Peter Al Asseily
Hannah Bittar
Mauro Gonzalez
Alexus Jackson
Issac Lara
Lance Lee
Kathleen Mai
Jazmine Mickens
Alina Torres

A.S. Global Scholar Award ($750 per recipient)
Awarded to students who understand the importance of social, political, environmental or economic issues on a worldwide scale and who have the passion to explore international cultures and societies.

Brandon Cattano
Arden Cortez
Andrea David
Nicolas Lopez
Lyna Luu
Minerca Mendoza-Guerrero
Kiara Moreno
Monica Naranjo
Julia Simao Teixeira de Andrade
Howard Tang

A.S. Pursuit of Black Excellence Scholarship ($1,000 per recipient)
Awarded to students who are significantly involved in organizations, community action efforts, and current initiatives addressing anti-Blackness and systemic racism within the campus and the broader community. The recognized individual(s) actively engages in initiatives, programs, and/or actions to improve Black student life and cultivate Black academic success at San José State University.

Moyna Bhattacharya
Tijanny Chima Nwokolo
Gabriel Evans
Abdelnur Hassen
Kenny Jackson
Yead Kebede
Omar Ndao
Nicole Verrett


For any questions or inquiries please contact the A.S. Government office at 
Diaz Compean Student Union, 2nd floor, Suite 2300
Telephone: (408) 924-6240