students with Caltrain in background

Caltrain is a regional rail line serving San Francisco, San Jose, Gilroy, and stations in between.

Caltrain currently operates local, limited stop, and Baby Bullet express services between San Francisco and San Jose Diridon Station.

Two trains are operated from Gilroy to San Jose Diridon on weekday mornings, and two trains are operated from San Jose to Gilroy on weekday evenings. Local service is provided on weekends and holidays between San Francisco and San Jose.


Purchase Caltrain tickets at stations before boarding trains. No tickets are sold on board. All information regarding fares, fare types and how to purchase tickets can be access from the Caltrain website, under Fares.    

Students and employees with a SmartPass Clipper Card can to load money onto their card for access to Caltrain, visit for more information.

*Students who received the BayPass will have free, unlimited access to Caltrain for the duration of the pilot program so long as they are meeting the participation criteria. 

*Do not virtualize your SJSU Clipper Card by adding it to your Apple or Google wallet. This will deactivate the SmartPass or BayPass. 


Single Ride Discounts: Caltrain is a member of the Clipper START program, which provides a 50% Caltrain discount to eligible low income San Francisco Bay Area residents. Check your eligibility for the program on the Clipper START website.

Monthly Discounts: Caltrain is now offering a 20% off Caltrain Monthly Pass Promotion. Benefits include: a 20% off monthly pass, unlimited trips between all zones on weekends and holidays, touchless payments, AND free or discounted transfers to VTA, SamTrans, SFMTA, and Dumbarton Express! This promotion is valid until December 2023!  

*There is no special discount offered by SJSU for students and employees.

Getting To A Station


From San Jose Diridon Station, take the VTA Rapid 500, 64A, 64B, or 68 to the vicinity of SJSU.

From SJSU:

From Santa Clara and 5th Street, take the VTA Rapid 500, 64A, or 64B, to Diridon Station. From 2nd Street and Paseo de San Antonio, take the 68 to Diridon Station.


To find information regarding the Caltrain schedule, you can visit the Caltrain website and gain access to all current schedules for WEEKEND and WEEKDAY trains.


Parking is available for Caltrain customers at most Caltrain stations.  Caltrain requires that all parking customers have a daily parking ticket or a monthly parking permit to park at all Caltrain-owned lots 24/7.

To find information on parking at your nearest Caltrain station, you can visit Caltrain's parking page.

How To Ride

Need assistance on how to ride?

To find information on planning, purchasing tickets, and boarding, visit their website and follow the five steps listed under How To Ride