IMPORTANT UPDATE: We have made changes to our SmartPass Program due to COVID-19. 
To view these changes visit Changes to our Smartpass program page. 


With the Associated Students SmartPass Clipper card and SJSU Tower Card, students and employees can have unlimited rides on Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Local & Rapid buses, Limited routes, and Light Rail lines. SmartPass Express bus riders can board Express buses by paying a surcharge of $2.50 per ride as E-Cash loaded onto the clipper. You will receive only one SmartPass Clipper card. The card's serial number is linked to your name and Tower Card. To obtain a SmartPass Clipper submit an online request and then visit the AS General Services front counter in the Student Union, Room 1800. 

With your SmartPass Clipper card, you'll also have the ability to add other passes and fares from other Bay Area transit agencies onto one convenient card. Just load the Clipper card with additional funds. The pre-loaded SmartPass on Clipper card is valid only on VTA Bus and Light Rail lines.

The pre-loaded SmartPass on a Clipper card is valid only on VTA and is NOT valid on:
ACE, Amtrak, BART, Caltrain, AC Transit, Highway 17 Express, Dumbarton Express, Monterey-Salinas Transit, SamTrans and other non-VTA services.

How can I get a Smart Pass Clipper?
  1. Students
  2. Open University, Special Session, International Gateways
  3. Employees
Please visit the direct lines page to find information on direct lines, trip planning, transit app, and VTA alerts.

The VTA Clipper Card readers will display a date of December 31st. Please ignore it; your Smartpass will remain active based on your status with the university.  

Please review the SmartPass Clipper replacement, defective, and illegal use policies [pdf].

Important Information Regarding Clipper Card Virtualization

With the recent launch of the ability to add Clipper cards onto mobile wallets (Apple Wallet, Samsung Pay, etc.), we advise not to utilize this feature with the SmartPass, as this will void all discounts offered through the SmartPass program. If you have already done so, we advise you to come into our office and request a replacement card.