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COVID-19 Update

The General Services Center is open in person and via email.

About us

The General Services Center (GSC) is a hub for student business services and student campus organizations. Our center provides check cashing, money orders, notarization, and faxing services while serving as a PG&E payment center on campus. The GSC also provides banking and accounting services to officially Recognized Student Organizations. For questions, please email

Student Organization Campus Trust Accounts

Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) can open a campus banking account. Free check processing, bookkeeping, purchase orders and more. Contact for Master Trust Agreement and Signature Card Updates. For Requisitions for Fund requests, Deposits, and Ledger Reports please contact

How to Make a Deposit:

1.In Person Deposit

NOTE: Cash and checks are accepted.

2.Mail in Deposit

 NOTE: Cash is not acceptable through the mail. Cash must be deposited in person by appointment only. The A.S. General Services Center will not be responsible for cash lost in the mail.

You may mail a check, money order, or cashier check. Checks must be made payable to "Associated Students 'Organization Name'/SJSU" (ex: "Associated Students Ski Club/SJSU"). You must include a completed Deposit Form [pdf] with your deposit mailed to the address below. 

Associated Students, SJSU
One Washington Square, Student Union, Room 1800
San Jose, CA 95192-0129
ATTN: Helen Nguyen/Vivian Nguyen

How to Register for Student Organization Square QR Code

1. Download the form. [pdf]

2. Fill out the form.

3. Student Organization must be active and registered with Student Involvement and have a bank account with us.

4. Under "Active Officer Name", also write in the email of the officer.

5. Complete the form and either:

  1. Submit back to email provided on the form
  2. Bring form back to the General Services Center during business hours

6. Will take a minimum of one business day to process.

7. Fees charged from Square (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction).

8. Funds will be transferred to Student Organization Club Banking Account by the end of the month.

*Associated Students are not responsible for any transaction disputes* 

NOTE: This can be used for membership dues, event ticket sales, conference tickets, etc... but NO DONATIONS.


Campus Organization Information Packet [pdf]

Master Trust Agreement [pdf]

Signature Card [pdf]

Requisition for Fund [pdf]

Receipt Letter [pdf]

Stop Payment [pdf]

Deposit Form [pdf]

Registered Student Organization Square QR Code Request [pdf]

A.S. Funding Post-Approval Process

Once you have been approved by the A.S. Financial Committee, please wait 3-5 business days after receiving the confirmation email. The contact person must contact our office in person or via email  for the A.S. Funding post-approval process.  

NOTE: Use your SJSU email when contacting us via email. Any other server will not be accepted.


AS Funding Checklist [pdf]

AS Funding General Packet [pdf]

AS Contract Request Form [pdf]

AS Release of Liability [pdf]

A.S. Affordable Textbook Program 2ND BATCH CLOSED 2/21/24 AT 9:01 AM

*Students who receive financial aid grant(s) and Scholarship Awards: Military, EOP, and Middle Class Scholarship are eligible for a $200 voucher to buy or rent a textbook, purchase school supplies, and technology that are available at the SJSU Spartan Bookstore in person. This program is NOT offered for Summer and Winter Sessions. 

This program is first come, first served. We will stop accepting applications once we have reached the budget. You must submit your completed application and required document through your SJSU email to

ATTENTION: Any applications submitted to the prior date and time listed above will be denied. Our generated email will be inactive once budget is reached, and your application will not be received. Students are allowed one voucher a semester. Do NOT reapply for multiple vouchers if you have been released a book voucher for the reoccurring semester already. Also, the grant/scholarship must be displayed on the award summary for the occurring semester that the application is being requested for. Incomplete applications will not be qualified for the book voucher. 

Please read the description for all requirements in the application. We encourage you to look at our example for reference.

A.S. Affordable Textbook Program EXAMPLE [pdf]

A.S. Affordable Textbook Program APPLICATION [pdf]

*Incoming Transfer Students

**If you are applying for the Affordable Textbook Program as a transfer student and have not yet received your SJSU Tower ID, please submit a scanned copy of your Government ID in lieu of your SJSU Tower ID.

Voucher Disbursement:

If you submitted an application on Wednesday, February 21st, and qualified, you will receive your book voucher via SJSU email on Monday, February 26th and be able to redeem it that same day after 3:00pm PST. There is an expiration date for the voucher. 

How to Redeem Book Voucher:

SJSU Spartan Bookstore in person (checkout): Please have your SJSU Tower ID Card or Government ID and the Book Voucher EMAIL confirmation displaying the voucher number, at the SJSU Bookstore in person checkout. 

Redeemable only for available items at the SJSU Spartan Bookstore in person checkout. *There will be no special orders available for customers who are trying to redeem the voucher. 

NOTE: If your purchase exceeds the $200 value of the book voucher, you must include an additional payment method. The book voucher is valid to purchase/rent textbooks, school supplies, and technology on the SJSU Spartan Bookstore in person checkout only. It will EXPIRE 21 days after the original issue date.

SmartPass Clipper Card Pick Up

Students receiving the SmartPass Clipper Card for the first time must submit an online request form, bring Tower ID, and pay $3 fee.  For more information, visit Transportation Solutions.

Ace Train and Highway 17 Express Discounted Tickets

Available for SJSU matriculated students and staff. For more information, visit Transportation Solutions.

International Student Identity Card (ISIC)(Temporarily Not Offered Spring 2024)

Students may receive discounts with the ISIC Card. For more information, visit

Mail Drop Off

U.S. mail with proper postage may be dropped off in our conveniently-located mail drop box.

Check Cashing (Temporarily Not Offered Spring 2024)

The GSC can cash personal checks up to $25.

PG&E Payments 

Same-day payments free-of-charge. Cash or check only.

Fax Service

Pages may be faxed out or received for $1 per page. For received faxed pages, person must be present at time of transaction.

Notarization (Starting September 2023)

$15 per signature. Contact to schedule an appointment.

Money Order (Temporarily Not Offered Spring 2024)

A maximum of $500 per money order may be made with $1 charge per money order. Cash only.

Contact Us

Diaz Compean Student Union, 1st Floor, Suite 1800
San Jose State University, One Washington Square
San Jose, CA 95192-0129
Phone: 408-924-6200
Fax: 408-924-6220

Spring 2024 Office Hours:

In Person: Monday-Friday  8:30am-4:30pm

Virtual Office Hours: By Appointment

Summer/Winter/Spring Break Hours:

Monday-Friday: 9:00am-4:00pm (closed 12:00pm-1:00pm)