Paratransit at SJSU

SJSU does not offer any on-campus shuttle services.

SJSU's Accessible Education Center does offer mobility scooters for rental to those with a qualified mobility issue, particularly temporary mobility issues, but does not offer wheelchairs.


Paratransit services are provided to eligible individuals with disabilities who cannot use conventional accessible bus and light rail transit service due to their physical, visual or cognitive disabilities.

Paratransit services are offered through the VTA ACCESS program, which provides shared rides within the VTA service area, during VTA operating times. Customers can expect multiple pick ups and drop offs along their trips, just like a bus.

VTA ACCESS for SJSU Students and Employees

The SJSU Smartpass covers the cost of rides in the standard VTA Access service area, but not in the premium VTA ACCESS service area.

In order to receive VTA ACCESS services, you must first obtain an SJSU Smartpass, then have your eligibility determined.

How to Join

The instructions to do this are found on the VTA Rider's Guide, starting on Page 7: [pdf]

Once you have been determined to be eligible, you will be issued a Paratransit ID number. Once you have that, send an email to with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Paratransit ID
  • Tower Card Number
  • Clipper Card Number

Service Area

The VTA service area can be found at this webpage or refer to the image below. 

VTA ACCESS Paratransit service area