Carpooling is a great way for you to save money and enjoy a more relaxing commute. SJSU provides preferred parking on campus to carpoolers.

Carpool Permits 

Student carpool permits are valid on the upper floors of the 7th St. Garage, the 4th Street Garage, or in the 10th Street Garage 3rd floor and above. Students who carpool with a carpool permit may enter the 7th Street Garage when the garage is closed to single occupant drivers.

Student carpool permits are transferable between the purchasers' vehicles. The cost for the student carpool permit is the same as a standard S permit.

Employee carpool permits are also available and are valid in conjuction with a SJSU Employee permit. Employee carpool spaces are conveniently located on the 1st floor of the 7th St. Garage and the 2nd floor of the 10th St. Garage.

Contact SJSU Parking Services for additional information on purchasing or exchanging the carpool permit.

Carpool Services and Apps

To help SJSU students and employees find carpool partners, Transportation Solutions (TS) provides online carpool matching service through 511 SF Bay RideMatch Service. To sign up with 511 and get matched exclusively with other SJSU members email us at 

Our partners at 511 Rideshare offer specialized apps for carpool users.

WAZE -Waze Carpool makes it easy and fun for Wazers to commute together, saving time and money while reducing the strain on the roads and the environment. With the application, you can offer to be a driver or request rides from other users.

Use code "511WAZE" for a free ride! Learn more at

Scoop - Best for work trips during regular commute hours. Scoop currently matches carpoolers who work in various locations from home locations throughout the Bay Area. Learn more at

Register with Promo Code "SCOOPME05" for a free first trip.

Key Questions for Potential Carpoolers

  • How often will you carpool?
  • Who has a vehicle? If all passengers have a car, who will do the driving?
  • How to share the commute costs?
  • Check whether the driver has a valid license.
  • Do all the drivers have full insurance coverage?
  • Where will you meet? Carpoolers can pick each other up at home, or meet at a mutually-convenient location, such as a Park & Ride lot.
  • When will you meet?

People's schedules are often more flexible than you think.

Commute Costs

The general rule is that if commuters rotate the driving equally, money doesn't have to change hands, but if only one person drives, passengers generally chip in to cover the costs of gas and parking.

Waiver Statement for Participants

Associated Students Transportation Solutions provides referral services; it does not certify the character of ridesharing participants. Participants are advised to screen referrals to their personal satisfaction. TS does, however, within the lawful limits of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, reserve the right to refuse services to anyone.