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Bicycling can be a convenient and dependable form of transportation. It is also the transportation mode that you can get a work-out with. The Silicon Valley is an ideal place to commute by bicycling - with its mild weather and relatively flat topography.

Find your route to SJSU using the Santa Clara County Bikeways map or 511's  Bikemapper.

About your Bike 

Whether your bike is new or old, its gears, chain, brakes and tires must be in good working order.

Your bike should be sized to fit your body proportions and should match your style of riding, your skill level and where you plan to ride. The equipment you need depends on the type of riding you plan to do, but a safety-rated helmet and a strong lock are essential.

If you want to buy a new bicycle, accessories or need to repair / tune up your existing bike, Bicycle Express with professional mechanics, friendly staff and student prices is the bike shop to visit around campus. They are located on East William St. (one block south of campus) between 3rd and 4th streets.

Bikes on Transit

VTA has equipped all buses with exterior bike racks that can accommodate up to two bicycles. Most Highway 17 Express buses have racks that can hold up to three bicycles. On VTA and Highway 17 Express, up to two bicycles may be allowed inside the bus subject to the driver's discretion and passenger loads. Bicycles are not allowed inside the bus on the Dumbarton Express.

Cycling on Campus

According to the SJSU Presidential Directive 2007-06 [pdf], bicycles are allowed on most pathways except where appropriate dismount signs are posted, or when there's no clear path due to crowding. Bicyclists are expected to follow these "common courtesy" rules: 

  1. Always yield to pedestrians.  
  2. Drive at an appropriate speed according to existing conditions, not to exceed the campus speed limit for all vehicles of five (5) mph.
  3. Drive in an appropriate manner that does not interfere with pedestrians or campus facilities vehicular traffic.
  4. Walk vehicle when there is no clear path ahead, such as when a walkway is too crowded with pedestrians or other obstructions.
  5. Do not ride in an acrobatic or stunting manner, i.e. activities causing one or more sets of wheels to leave the ground or other surfaces intended for pedestrian or vehicular travel.  
  6. Do not ride on stairs; ramps, railings, vegetation, benches, tables, planters, or other surface not intended for vehicular travel.
  7. Do not ride inside University buildings.
  8. Dismount and walk vehicle where appropriate signs are posted. Posted dismount areas will be in high pedestrian traffic areas with small or obstructed pathways.

Bicycle Parking on Campus

You can park your bike in any open bike rack or in any one of the six Bicycle Enclosures located throughout campus. Bike lockers within the enclosures are also available to rent. Visit our bicycle enclosure page for information on how to get an access. 

Although the Bicycle Enclosures at SJSU provide an additional layer of security, bicycles must be properly secured inside the enclosures. Lock your bicycle with a strong U-lock to the bike rack. Most the of bike thefts occur to bicycles with weaker cable locks. Watch this video to learn how to properly lock your bike using a U-Lock.

It is illegal to lock bicycles to the bike enclosure fence, railings, benches, poles, trees, tables, or park bikes anywhere that might block an entrance/ exit to a building, office, or an area. The University Police will impound the bikes in violation.

The open bike racks are purchased by UPD Parking Services and maintained by SJSU Facilities, Development and Operation (FD&O).

The Bicycle Enclosures and the open racks throughout campus provide short-term bicycle parking for daily commuters and are not intended to provide overnight or long-term storage.

Shower Facilities for Bicycle Commuters

For bike commuters who are looking for showers, students have free access to the Student Union Sport Club in the Event Center and all faculty, staff, and students can utilize the showers and lockers in the Kinesiology department in Spartan Complex (SPX 128) which are open during regular business hours.

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