Bicycle Enclosures

student in front of bike enclosure

How to Gain Bicycle Enclosure Access 

To sign up for an access key, fill out the Bike Enclosure Key Agreement Form. [pdf] Submit your completed form to AS General Services located in Student Union, Room 1800.

You'll need to provide the SJSU Tower Card number and your bicycle's make, model, color, and serial number (the serial number is usually printed on the bottom of the frame). There is a one time $15 fee for the access key. 

Only currently enrolled or employed SJSU students and faculty/staff may sign up for Bicycle Enclosure keys and access enclosures. TS deactivates keys issued to users who are no longer enrolled or employed at SJSU.

Students enrolled for Fall/Spring can obtain a bike key starting August 16/January 16. Employees can purchase sign up at any time. 

Bike Enclosure Location Map

Bicycle Enclosures 

1. Student Services Center            4. Spartan Memorial

2. 7th Street Plaza                          5. San Carlos Plaza

3. 9th Street Plaza                          6. MacQuarrie Quad

Enclosure Guidelines

  • Hold the access key near or behind the sensor and wait for the green light to open the enclosure door. 
  • Lock your bicycle's frame and wheel to the bike rack with your own lock. (U-locks strongly recommended)
  • Overnight parking is not recommended.

How To Get In

side key scanner
They key scanner can be found on the side pillar of the bike cage door.

inside key scanner
If you do not see a scanner on the side pillar, it can be found on the inside of the bike cage. 

If you

Enclosure Code of Conduct

  1. Do not transfer the Enclosure Key to another person. Passing on your key to someone else will nullify your rental agreement. The Associated Students (AS) will not return a deposit for a transferred key.
  2. Do not allow a non-key holder to enter the Enclosure.
  3. Do not prop the Enclosure door open.
  4. Do not post flyer's, stickers, or propaganda on Bike Enclosures' lockers, walls/fences, racks, or other AS or SJSU property. SJSU PD 2001-01 [pdf]
  5. Do not lock bikes to the fence, trees, light poles, etc.
  6. Do not repair bikes in the Enclosure.
  7. Do not leave bikes unattended for an extended period of time.

Report any suspicious activity to the University Police (408) 924-2222

Replacement Enclosure Keys

If your Enclosure Key is lost, stolen, or damaged, report it to Transportation Solutions.

Replacement fees for lost/stolen keys:

First time $25
First time with police report $15
Additional Replacements $25

Damaged keys can be exchanged at no cost, visit the TS Office to complete the exchange.

If a replacement key is issued and your original key is found within 3 business days, you may return the replacement fee and receive a refund. No refunds will be granted after this date. If your key is defective or disabled, you may be able to obtain a replacement key at no cost.


Abandoned Bicycles

Any bicycle left unattended in the enclosure continuously for more than 3 days will be considered abandoned. After a 48-hour notice has been posted on the abandoned bicycle, Transportation Solutions will remove the bicycle. All abandoned bikes will be donated to a charity organization.

Optional Bicycle Lockers

*Bike locker rentals are temporarily unavailable.

Transportation Solutions provides locker rentals for bicycle accessories. Lockers can be found inside every Bicycle Enclosure. There rental cost is a non-refundable base fee of $30.00 and a one-time refundable key deposit of $20.00. To rent a locker, complete the Bike Locker Rental Agreement Form [pdf], and submit it to AS General Services located in the Student Union, Room 1800.

Note: The lockers inside the Bike Enclosures are not weather-proof. 

Damage and Liability Limits

Enclosure users will be financially responsible for damages to the enclosure, access key, and accessory lockers caused by misuse beyond normal wear and tear. 

Transportation Solutions is not responsible for fire, theft, loss, or damage to the bicycle or any item left in the Enclosure or Accessory Locker. Enclosure users are responsible for ensuring the bicycle is locked correctly and they use the Enclosure at their own risk.