Transit Safety Resources

 Transportation Solutions is dedicated to serving the commute needs of students and employees at SJSU. Part of the commute needs of students and employees here on campus is creating a safe environment. On this page, you will find several resources to help keep you safe on campus and on transit. 

SJSU Safe Ride Program

The SJSU Safe Ride program is a service dedicated to providing a ride to students, faculty, and staff to provide a safe alternative to walking alone at night!

The radius is as follows:
Northern Border ➡️ E Julian St
Western Border ➡️ First Street
Southern Border ➡️ Interstate 280
Eastern Border ➡️ Sixteenth Street

To request an escort, use any blue light phone or call (408) 924-2000! The hours for this service are Monday to Friday 7 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.
Wait times will vary based on the number of requests for rides.

Please visit the UPD website for more info on this program, including the rules and regulation.

Safety Escort Program

If you might feel unsafe walking to a destination on campus, UPD will provide an escort to any location on campus. 

This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

To request an escort, just use any Bluelight phone or elevator telephone. You will be connected to a UPD dispatcher who will arrange the escort. Arrangements can also be made by calling the UPD safety escort/Saferide Shuttle line directly at 408-924-2000.

For more information, please visit the UPD website


VTAlerts is a free app that offers riders a quick and discreet method of reporting safety concerns and suspicious activities directly to VTA Security or in the event of an emergency, directly to police. Riders can send VTA security pictures, text messages, and locations of suspicious persons and/or activities making riding safer and more comfortable for all. 

To download the free app, search "VTAlerts" on the app store or click on this link for Apple App Store or click on this link for Android.

VTA also has a VTA Service Alerts Twitter page where they will tweet whenever there is an update regarding service for any specific route. 


BART has an app that shares safety alerts! BART Watch is a free mobile app for iOS and Android that allows you to quickly and discreetly report criminal or suspicious activity directly to BART Police. Use BART Watch to send a text description of what you're seeing, attach a picture and select from a list of locations and categories to assist BART Police in their response. Reports can be anonymous. The app is also available in Spanish and Chinese. For more information about the app as well as a download link, visit BART's apps page on their website.

BART also has an email and text alert system. The system offers BART Service Advisories and other BART news by email and text alerts. We issue service advisories when more than one train is off schedule by 10 or more minutes and for station closures.

For more information on the email and text system, visit this page.

To sign up for the alerts, sign up here.    

BART also has a Twitter that will send out alerts and updates on closures. 


CalTrain has a Twitter account where service alerts are shared and publicized. Additionally,  CalTrain has a safety page with different resources on their website. 

Santa Cruz Metro

Santa Cruz Metro has a text and email system for service alerts and disruptions. Visit the page here for more information on how to subscribe.

Altamont Corridor Express (ACE)

ACE has a text system for alerts and service disruptions. Visit their "Stay Connected" page for more information on how to subscribe.