BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) is a commuter rail system serving San Jose, the East Bay, San Francisco, north Peninsula and SFO. The closest station to SJSU is the Berryessa Station in North San Jose. 

Fare Types

BART fares are calculated according to the distance traveled. BART only sells fares on Clipper Cards. All BART stations have Clipper Card loading machines that accept cash.

The SJSU Smart Pass works as a Clipper card.

Credit and debit cards may be used at all stations in select credit and debit machines. For more information on how to calculate your fare, visit the BART Fare Calculator for instructions. 

NOTE: There is no special discount for SJSU students and employees. BART is a member of the Clipper START program, which provides a 20% BART discount to eligible low income San Francisco Bay Area residents. Check your eligibility for the program on the Clipper START website.

Visit Clipper's website to find out how to load value to your clipper card.

You can also use your SmartPass Clipper card on other Bay Area transit agencies' services such as Caltrain, BART, SF Muni, etc., provided that you load the clipper card with additional funds.

Getting To A Station

Access to SJSU from BART:

The nearest BART station from SJSU is the Berryessa Station.

The VTA Rapid 500 provides service between SJSU and Berryessa BART station. 

The VTA Rapid 500 bus stop closest to SJSU is located at San Jose City Hall on 5th & Santa Clara, approximately 0.3 miles from campus. 

Service on the VTA Rapid 500 is free with your SmartPass Clipper card.  

For information on how to get to the BART station nearest you, directions can be found on the BART website.

System Map and Schedule

For BART map and schedule information, the BART website provides an entire list of schedules and stops.


BART Parking is available at most BART stations. Parking is not provided at stations in downtown Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco.

Daily Permits are typically required for lot parking.