About the SmartPass

SJSU students can enjoy unlimited rides on Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) local buses (Non-Express) and Light Rail lines with the SmartPass Clipper for the duration of the Spring semester plus Summer or Fall semester plus Winter session. SmartPass Express bus riders can board Express buses by paying a surcharge of $2.50 per ride as E-cash loaded on the SmartPass Clipper card. Visit Clipper's website to find out how to load value to your clipper card.

You can also use your SmartPass Clipper card on other Bay Area transit agencies' services such as Caltrain, BART, SF Muni, etc., provided that you load the clipper card with additional funds.

Due to COVID, changes have been to the SJSU SmartPass program. Learn more at our Changes to the SmartPass page

How to get your SmartPass

Submit an online request, then pick up your card at the AS General Services center (located in Student Union, Room 1800 by 9th Street Plaza). SJSU Tower Card is required. There's a $3 charge for the cost of the Clipper card (cash or card is accepted).

After receiving your SmartPass Clipper card, the SmartPass will remain active for as long as you are enrolled as a regular student at SJSU. SJSU Tower Card must be accompanied with SmartPass Clipper to ride on VTA buses and Light Rail lines.

How to use the SmartPass

VTA Bus - When boarding a bus, tag your SmartPass Clipper on the Clipper card reader and show your Tower Card ID to the bus driver.

VTA Light Rail - At the Light Rail station before boarding, you must tag your SmartPass Clipper on the card reader located on the platform, then board the Light Rail.

On the Light Rail train, be prepared to show your SmartPass Clipper and SJSU Tower Card ID to the fare inspector upon request.

When scanning your SmartPass Clipper on the VTA clipper readers, you will see a note that the pass is valid untill December 31st. You can ignore this date; your card will remain active based on your renewal.

Take a look at the Clipper Brochure [pdf] to see how to claim your card and use it throughout the Bay Area.

SmartPass Clipper Policies 

Please review the SmartPass Clipper replacement, defective, and illegal use policies [pdf].