To be eligible for the VTA Smartpass, a student must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled in either in person or hybrid classes
  • Have a mailing address within Santa Clara County
  • Live in on-campus housing

Students who do not meet one of these criteria but need to commute to campus for in person educational resources or employment may contact Transportation Solutions and request an exception to the eligibility criteria.

If you are currently living in Santa Clara County, check your MySJSU account to confirm that your mailing address has been updated. On-campus housing students are not required to update their mailing address.

To update your address, go to and click the MySJSU spartan portal app. Login to your account, then scroll down to the personal information section and click "Edit Mailing Address" to begin updating your address.

How to get your SmartPass

Submit an online request, then pick up your card at the AS General Services center (located in Student Union, Room 1800). SJSU Tower Card is required. There's a $3 charge for the cost of the Clipper card (cash or card is accepted).

After receiving your SmartPass Clipper card, the SmartPass will remain active as long as you are enrolled as a regular student at SJSU. SJSU Tower Card must be accompanied by the SmartPass Clipper to ride on VTA buses and Light Rail lines.

The Smartpass will remain active for graduating students until the last day to add/drop classes of the following semester. However, if the Smartpass is lost or stolen, you are eligible to obtain a replacement if you are no longer enrolled. 

SmartPass Clipper Policies 

Please review the SmartPass Clipper replacement, defective, and illegal use policies [pdf].