Bicycle Reimbursement Program

Associated Students Transportation Solutions recognizes traveling during these times can be challenging. We will reimburse ELIGIBLE students up to $50 on qualifying bike expenses to support our bike commuters.

Note: Review the eligibility requirements and bike expenses section in detail before making any purchases. If you do not meet these, YOU WILL NOT be reimbursed for your expense.

Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Currently enrolled in in-person classes. Students seeking a reimbursement at the end of a semester must be enrolled for the next term session to qualify.
  • Live on campus or commute to campus for in-person classes/work (will be verified)
  • Cannot have an SJSU parking permit
  • Has not participated in this program before
  • Have a TS bike enclosure key or access to SJSU's Housing enclosures if you live on campus. See the Bike Parking For Housing Section under Bicycle Parking On Campus on our Bike To SJSU page.
  • Have an eligible bike expense purchased within the current term. Costs incurred prior to this date are not eligible for reimbursement. Review the eligible expenses below before making any purchases. 
  • Have proof of purchase/valid receipt is required. The customer, delivery, or billing name on the receipt, whether purchased in-store or online, must match the name for the person requesting the reimbursement. Items purchased from Craigslist or similar sites will not be reimbursed.

How It Works:

  • The program will be on a “first to come, first serve” basis.
  • The program will only be available until funds allocated to the program have been depleted. 
  • You will be eligible for a one-time reimbursement of up to $50 for reimbursable expenses (listed below). 
  • If you spend less than the eligible reimbursement amount, you will only be reimbursed for the cost incurred. 
  • You need to email the proof of purchase (receipt) to AS Transportation Solutions ( with the subject line "Reimbursement for Bicycle Expense." Include your SJSU Tower ID.
  • TS will review your documents. If approved, you will be required to complete the new vendor form emailed to you with your contact details and banking information to process the reimbursement via direct deposit. 

How to obtain a U-Lock from TS

If you are purchased a bicycle, you can show proof of purchase for your new bike to obtain a free U-lock from TS.

Reimbursable Expenses:

  • Bike purchase (New or Used)
  • Bike improvement such as luggage racks
  • Bike repairs
  • Labor and/or parts
  • Safety gear (Helmets, reflectors, lights)

Non-Reimbursable Expenses: 

  • U-Locks (see details below)
  • Bike share/rental fees
  • AS bike key or locker fees
  • Bike apparel and shoes
  • Sunglasses/headlamps
  • Accessories that do not attach to bike