Altamont Corridor Express

Altamont Corridor Express / ACE Train

Altamont Corridor Express (ACE) is a rail service from the Central Valley (Stockton, Lathrop/Manteca, Tracy) and the East Bay (Livermore, Pleasanton, Fremont) to San Jose Diridon Train Station.

Free wifi service is available on selected trains. View the ACE Train schedule and full station list.


SJSU Discounted Passes

Students and employees receive 50% off 20-ride and monthly passes. Open University/ Special Session Students must become a member of Associated Students (AS) and pay the AS fee to obtain the discount.

Students enrolled for Fall/Spring can begin purchasing discounted passes on August 16th/January 16th. Students not enrolled or employed on campus for Summer will not be eligible to purchase passes after the semester ends. Employees can purchase passes at any time. Employees can purchase passes at any time. 

No discounts are available for one-way and round-trip tickets provided by SJSU. Visit the ACE website for other ticket discounts. 

Discounted tickets are not transferable.

ACE tickets are available for purchase from the AS General Services Office located in the Student Union, Room 1800. Tower Card ID is required.

Fare Types:

Adult Passes

(to/from San Jose)

20-Ride Tickets

Monthly Passes








Stockton (SKT)





Lathrop/Manteca (LAT)





Tracy (TRC)





Vasco (VAR)

Livermore (LVA)

Pleasanton (PLD)





Fremont/Centerville (FMT)





20-Ride tickets are good for any 20 one-way trips without expiration date.

Monthly passes are good for unlimited trips in the calendar month.

NOTE: The 20-Ride tickets must be validated at the station Ticket Validator before boarding the train.

Getting to a Station


From San Jose Diridon Station, take the VTA Rapid 500, 64A, 64B, or 68 to the vicinity of SJSU.

From SJSU:

From Santa Clara and 5th Street, take the VTA Rapid 500, 64A, or 64B, to Diridon Station. From 2nd Street and Paseo de San Antonio, take the 68 to Diridon Station.


Per ACE Rail's policy, only one 20-Ride ticket or one Monthly pass can be purchased per month per customer. There are no exceptions for lost/stolen tickets. The 20-Ride tickets are sold beginning the 16th of every month (non-weekend or holidays) through the 15th of the following month.

For Month of  

Begin sale

End sale


December 16th

January  15th


January 16th

February 15th


February 16th

March 15th


March 16th

April 15th


April 16th

May 15th


May 15th

June 15th


June 16th

July 15th


July 16th

August 15th


August 16th

September 15th


September 16th

October 15th


October 16th

November 15th


November 16th

December 15th

Terms and Conditions

General Services Center does not sell tickets to the general public at the regular price. Regular tickets are available directly through ACE.

Riders purchasing tickets with the intent to resell or evade fare will have the discount privilege removed, along with additional disciplinary action by Office of Student Conduct & Ethical Development or SJSU HR and criminal prosecution.

Train ticket inspectors may request appropriate identification (e.g. Tower Card ID) from riders using SJSU discounted tickets.

Lost or Stolen Passes

If your ACE pass is lost or stolen, contact ACE directly for assistance. 


All ACE stations (except San Jose) offer free parking on a first-come, first-served basis. Find more information at the Altamont Corridor Express (ACE) parking page

Take a Test Ride with ACE

To show you that the Altamont Corridor Express (ACE) train service is right for you, ACE is offering a Test Ride Program [pdf]. This is your chance to test the service for yourself, beat the traffic, connect to the new and improved MyACEWiFi and relax before work, all at no cost to you.

The Test Ride Program is only valid for first time riders and is only available for weekday travel. The Test Ride Program can now be issued through the ACE Rail Tickets app, which allows us to send your ticket direct to your phone!

To apply:
1. Go to ACE's website!
2. Select "Ride ACE/Test Ride"
3. Fill out the application! 
4. Click "Submit"