Electric and Shared Mobility Services

Campus E-Vehicle Policy

SJSU is a designated dismount zone for electric and motorized scooters, electric skate boards and electric bicycles. In accordance with campus and state regulations, electric and motorized scooters, skate boards and bicycles may be used to travel to campus, but they must be left at the established drop off zones located on the campus perimeter. Personally owned electric scooters, skate boards, and bikes may not be carried inside academic buildings. This is a fire code violation.

Electronic and motorized scooters, skate boards and bicycles left unattended on campus will be considered abandoned and subject to impound. Persons violating campus policy may be cited under California Vehicle Code (CVC) 21225, 21235, and other applicable CVC regulations and as a violation of student conduct.

**This regulation does not impact electric mobility for ADA purposes.

Scooter Share

Shared E-Scooters are provided by three companies in San Jose. These companies are Lime, Bird, and Veo. Veo offers sit down electric scooters, while all three companies offer stand up scooters. Please note that you must possess a valid California driver's license to ride an e-scooter in San Jose. It is also illegal to ride a scooter on sidewalks. E-scooters may not be ridden on campus at SJSU, and all three of these companies use a geofence to remotely shut scooters down when they enter the university.

Bird Scooter

Lime Scooter

Veo Scooters

SJSU Scooter Parking Locations [pdf]

 scooter drop off

veo scootershare


Bikeshare in Santa Clara County is provided by BayWheels, which is owned and operated by Lyft. Rentals include single trips, or monthly and annual memberships. For more information on special BayWheels deals for students and employees, please visit Exclusive Offers.

BayWheels Station Map

baywheels station