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Associated Students, Inc. (A.S.) celebrated its 120th Anniversary in 2017. In conjunction with this significant milestone, A.S. took the opportunity to reflect on the current context and priorities of the organization, and to forecast a new vision and goals, to guide us on an even more intentional path as an auxiliary non-profit organization for San José State University. The A.S. Board of Directors approved the plan in 2018.


Why Strategic Planning? 

Associated Students chose to embark on a strategic planning process in an effort to focus on the overall direction and effectiveness of the organization.  Through the process, A.S.:

  • Acknowledged and celebrated the work of Associated Students at San José State;
  • Articulated the current context of the organization and forecasted priorities for the next five years;
  • Engaged campus stakeholders in thoughtful dialogue about the student experience at SJSU; and
  • Aligned the organizational structure, values, programs and services to advance Associated Students’ vision.


The Process

A design team comprised of board members, SJSU staff members and students developed the Strategic Plan outlined here during a series of planning sessions spanning 2016 and 2017.  Input and feedback was provided by a diverse group of stakeholders comprised of students, A.S. staff, administrators and campus partners. The Associated Students Board officially approved the plan on September 27, 2017.

Associated Students is grateful to all of the students, administrators, staff, faculty and campus partners who contributed to the process. We are especially grateful to the members of the Design Team provided their expertise, perspective, talents and time, they are: Branden Marquez, Ben Falter, Bonnie Sugiyama, Cristina Cortes, Kevin Lowe, Nayeli Lopez, Odalys (Jasmine) Garcia Arce, Saadat Chowdhury, Aaron Miller, and Diana Victa.

A.S. set out to design a plan that:

  • Advances the strategic priorities of San Jose State University;
  • Utilizes a 10-year mindset, by considering the impact of our decisions on business today and in the future;
  • Receives support from students, student leaders, campus leaders and colleagues;
  • Articulates financial and structural sustainability; and
  • Demonstrates accountability through assessment of measurable goals and outcomes.


Our Core Values 

Associated Students is strongly rooted in our core values of:

  • active citizenship;
  • advocacy;
  • inclusion;
  • equity;
  • justice;
  • openness; and
  • self-awareness; and
  • life-long learning.

A.S.  aims to empower students who engage with us through committee participation, student employment, leadership roles, co-curricular programs and a variety of events. Associated Students believes that every interaction with San José State students is an opportunity for authentic connection and learning.


New Vision Statement

Associated Students strengthens the Spartan community through access to opportunities that inspire educational growth, personal development and innovation.

New Mission Statement

Associated Students mission is:
to support and represent the students of San José State University by continuing the organization’s legacy of student advocacy and leadership; 
to enhance SJSU students’ education through high-quality programs and services; and,
to prepare students as they move towards a thoughtful and purposeful life after graduation.


Strategic Directions and Goals


Educating campus about how Associated Students enhances students’ educational experiences;

  • Goal A: reach out to all students to let them know they are part of Associated Students
  • Goal B: develop a unified, long-term marketing and communications plan to share the purpose, mission and services of Associated Students


Cultivating a welcoming and supportive campus culture that engages all students in our diverse community;

  • Goal C: invite all students to get involved with San José State University
  • Goal D: generate high-quality SJSU events to promote a welcoming and positive campus culture
  • Goal E: provide opportunities for students that encourage their personal determination, inspire their educational goals, and enable them to define their own personal legacies.


Fostering and strengthening relationships across campus to bolster our work with key partners; and,

  • Goal F: seek out and amplify student voices to ensure that their identities, values and needs are utilized and reflected in the work of the entire Associated Students organization
  • Goal G: cultivate and/or strengthen relationships with SJSU leadership and administration including the University President, VPSA, Academic Senate, campus departments and student organizations
  • Goal H: celebrate and appreciate campus partnerships


Optimizing Associated Students’ organizational health and sustainability to strengthen our contributions to San José State students.

  • Goal I: examine organizational effectiveness and bandwith
  • Goal J: enhance operational efficiency across all departments
  • Goal K: seek out additional funding opportunities
  • Goal L: provide all of A.S. students and staff training to support their ongoing leadership development and personal well being
  • Goal M: use assessment and evaluation to inform and implement practice
  • Goal N: utilize, explore, implement and support technological innovative practices to improve organizational efficiency


Our strategic plan reflects a five-year vision and serves as a guide for Associated Students Inc. as we continue into our second century. The plan sets us on a path to becoming an even more intentional, educational organization and it will take the work of the Associated Students to the next level!


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