Highway 17 Express

About Highway 17

The Highway 17 Express Bus provides service between downtown Santa Cruz (Metro Center), Scotts Valley, and San Jose State University (San Fernando Street by 7th Street).

Service is offered 7 days a week. On weekends, service is available from San Jose Diridon Station only. Travel time is about 1 hour and 10 minutes between SJSU and Metro Center.

Stop Change Due to COVID:
Currently, the Highway 17 Express only serves Diridon Station in San Jose. In the past, the Highway 17 Express has stopped at SJSU, but this has been suspended for the foreseeable future.

From San Jose Diridon Station, take the VTA Rapid 500, 64A, 64B, or 68 to the vicinity of SJSU.

From Santa Clara and 5th Street, take the VTA Rapid 500, 64A, or 64B, to Diridon Station. From 2nd Street and Paseo de San Antonio, take the 68 to Diridon Station.

Discounted SJSU Passes

NOTE: Due to Covid-19, the Highway 17 Express is currently charging 50% of their regular fare. While the Highway 17 Express is charging these reduced fares, Associated Students will not be selling discounted SJSU Passes. The information below only applies to such a time as the Highway 17 Express resumes regular fare collection.

The regular fare for a 31-Day pass is $145.00 and $94.50 for a 15-Ride Pass. SJSU Students and employees can purchase these passes at a discounted rate. The 31-Day pass is $134.00 and the 15-Ride pass is $89.50.

The 31-Day Highway 17 Express bus pass is valid for 31 consecutive days of unlimited rides starting from the first day of validation by the fare box on board the bus. It is also valid on all Santa Cruz Metro lines and VTA local and limited stop buses and light rail. This pass also has a one-year “absolute” expiration date for non-validated passes. After validation the user need only swipe the card for fare. This pass is not bound by the start and end of each month.

The 15-Ride pass can be used for 15 non-consecutive rides on Highway 17 Express Bus. It is a “stored ride” pass and valid until used up. It has a one-year “absolute” expiration date for passes not validated. It can be used to pay for a single ride fare on all local Santa Cruz Metro lines and the Highway 17 Express service, it is not valid on VTA local service.

For more information on Santa Cruz Metro's fares, click here [pdf].

How to Purchase A Discounted Pass

The discounted 31-Day Pass and 15-Ride Pass are only available to SJSU students and employees.

Passes are available for purchase at the Genral Services Center cashier counter located in the Student Union, Room 1800 (by 9th Street Plaza) during office hours (cash or card).


Free parking is available at the Scotts Valley Transit Center. You may park free in designated Park & Ride lots [pdf] in order to meet your carpool, vanpool or to catch the bus. 

Rules & Regulations

  • Only one (1) discounted 31-Day Pass can be purchased at one time, additional tickets can be purchased after three weeks from previous purchase date.
  • Only one (1) discounted 15-Ride Pass can be purchased at a time, any additional 15-Ride Pass purchase is subject to a eight business day waiting period. No more than two (2) discounted 15-Ride Pass can be purchased in a single month.
  • Discounted tickets are not transferable. Transportation Solutions will suspend the discount privileges of riders purchasing tickets with the intent to resell or evade fare. Also, additional disciplinary action will be taken by the Office of Student Conduct & Ethical Development and University Police Department including criminal prosecution.