Open University, Special Session, and International Gateways

How to get your SmartPass Clipper 

Open University & Special Session:

As an Open University or Special Session student you must become a member of Associated Students (AS) by paying the AS fee and meet the eligibilty critieria in order to obtain a SmartPass. If you are eligible, follow the steps below. 

  1. Request a SmartPass Clipper card online request
  2. Bring your SJSU Student Identification Card along with a photo ID to the AS General Services Cashier counter (located in Student Union, Room 1800) and pay the AS fee plus the $3 clipper card fee. The staff will issue your SmartPass Clipper card. The AS fee is not refundable.
  3. Take your receipt to the Tower Card Window in the Student Services Center (North Garage, 1st Floor), present the SmartPass Clipper card and AS fee receipt and apply for a Tower Card.
Renewing Your SmartPass:

Open University and Special Session students are required to renew their SmartPass every semester by paying the AS fee. The renewal deadline for Fall Semester is the last day of September, and the renewal deadline for Spring Semester is the last day of February. If the deadline falls on a day in which AS General Services is closed, the deadline is the next day that AS General Services is open. There is no need to renew during the Summer and Winter Semesters.

To renew your SmartPass, visit the AS General Services. You will need to present your SmartPass Clipper and Tower Card to the staff. Renewal notifications are sent from to the primary email on your MySJSU account. The deadline to renew for Spring is February and the deadline to renew for Fall is September.

SmartPass Clippers that have not been renewed will be deactivated. If you renew after the deadline, there will be a $10 late renewal fee. Please note: Your Smarpass will not be immediately reactivated, it will take 5-7 business days to process the reactivation. 

You can opt out of the program by not paying the renewal fee. If you want to reactivate your Smartpass during a later semester you can do so by paying the AS fee. Reactivating your pass will take 5-7 business days.

International Gateways:

  1. Obtain your TowerCard during your orientation.
  2. Complete the online request form.
  3. Visit AS General Services (located in Student Union, Room 1800), and present your Tower ID. No payment for the physical card is required.

Students who meet the eligibility criteria and have current enrollment can obtain the Smartpass. Renewal fees do not apply to International Gateways students. However, students must pay for replacement fees. 

SmartPass Clipper Policies

Please review the SmartPass Clipper replacement, defective, and illegal use policies [pdf].