Open Enrollment (OE)

When is OE?

The OE period for this year is September 20 - October 15, 2021.

Make Changes

During the defined OE period, log in to review your current benefits and make changes, if applicable. You MUST re-enroll in Flexible Spending Accounts each year.

What Can I Change?

First-time enrollments, as well as numerous changes, can be made during the OE period. Review this information to learn more.

2022 Health Costs

CalPERS Health Benefits Program Basic Plan Rates

CalPERS Tools

CalPERS offers numerous tools to assist employees during OE, such as your online health plan statement, plan comparison, etc.

Vision OE Options

Enroll or Cancel only during Open Enrollment

Retiree/FERP OE Changes

The OE process for retirees or FERP faculty is separate from the campus OE process. Review the information here to learn more.