Part-Time Temp Faculty

Each college or department manages the recruitment process for lecturers.

Initiate a Recruitment

  1. Initiate a Recruitment [pdf] in CHRS Recruiting
  2. Attach the posting template [docx] to the Job Card
  3. Submit the Job Card for approval


Your position will be posted on our Standard Advertising sites. These costs are covered by University Personnel. If you wish to post your job on another site, your college/department will be responsible for the cost.

Manage Recruitment

Part-time temp faculty positions will be managed in CHRS Recruiting. See the Manage Recruitments - Faculty [pdf] user guide for steps on the process.

Preparing and Extending the Offer

The offer of employment for part-time temp faculty will be managed in CHRS Recruiting. See the Preparing and Extending an Offer - Faculty [pdf] user guide for steps on the process.

Other Helpful Tools for This Process:

Background Checks and Fingerprinting

Final candidates for all faculty, staff and management vacancies, whether regular or temporary, are required to undergo a background check that includes verification of employment and education, as well as a check of criminal records. In some cases the background check will include a credit check and/or a Department of Motor Vehicles check, as well as a check of licenses and certificates when applicable. Candidates for positions where the employee will come in regular contact with minors will be required to be fingerprinted.

  • No employee may begin work at the University prior to the successful completion of a background check.
  • Each college or department has designated staff to initiate background checks for employees.
  • University Personnel will review the results and determine if the candidate may be hired.