Staff & Management

A regular recruitment occurs when you plan to fill a new staff or management position for the first time, replace an existing position with no change in duties or replace an existing position with changes to previous duties.

To complete a recruitment you will need:

Position Description

Positions Descriptions (PDs) play a critical role in a variety of processes in University Personnel.

Initiate a Recruitment

This process involves multiple levels of approvals at the department, division and/or president level with a final approval taking place in University Personnel.

A Rationale to Recruit form will need to be submitted.


University Personnel posts all faculty, staff and management vacancies to our Standard Advertising sites, which have been proven to reach a large and diverse pool of applicants and are evaluated regularly for effectiveness. University Personnel covers the cost of advertising for Staff and Management positions.

Interview Process

During the interview, you are communicating not only the requirements of the position, but also the benefits of working at San José State University.  See the Interview Question Guidelines [pdf] for guidance on Inteviewing.

Selection Committee

Reference Checks

Reference checks are important because they give you insight into a candidate's past performance, experience, strengths and even areas needing improvement.

Background Checks

Final candidates for all faculty, staff and management vacancies, whether regular or temporary, are required to undergo a background check that includes verification of employment and education, as well as a check of criminal records.

Making the Offer

Once you have identified a final candidate, your Recruiter will perform a salary analysis and provide you with a range within which you can pay someone.

Additional Guidance

If not specified, all openings are posted to the general public with a first screening date two weeks later. You may choose to post your opening to CSU or SJSU employees, with few exceptions and can push the first screening date out further if desired.

As a general rule, University Personnel will screen incoming applications for minimum qualifications and forward only those that meet or exceed them. It is your responsibility to screen them against the preferred qualifications set forth in the Request to Recruit. You may choose to do both the minimum and preferred qualification screening, but you must request this up front.

Voluntary Self Identification Form for Executives

This form, and any data submitted on the form, will be kept separate from your personnel file and will not be accessible by anyone involved with making recommendations or decisions regarding your employment. While your reply will be most helpful to us in reporting accurate data, completing this form is entirely voluntary; refusal to complete the form will not adversely affect your employment.

Contact your Recruiter with any questions.