Guide for First-Time Users

Follow this guide to activate your SJSUOne account for the first time, which will allow you to access your SJSU Gmail, Canvas, MySJSU, and more.

The first step is to set your password for the first time, followed by setting up two-factor authentication through DUO.

Setting your SJSUOne password for the first time

  1. Go to the SJSUOne Password Set/Reset page
  2. Put your 9-digit SJSU ID in the text box
  3. Read the CSU Responsible Use Policy
  4. Mark the "Accept" option underneath the policy
  5. Click on the blue "Continue" button

    screenshot showing acceptable use policy.
  6. Verify your identity, then click on the blue "Continue" button
    You have two options for verifying your identity:
    • Provide your birth date and last 4 digits of your SSN
    • Send a reset link to a secondary email address you already have in your MySJSU record.

    screenshot showing identity verification steps.
  7. Enter the password of your choice. The password requirements are listed below the text box.

    screenshot showing password selection.

Once you have successfully set your password, you should receive a message that says your password has been changed successfully.
screenshot of success message.

Setting up Two-Factor Authentication

To set up two-factor authentication with DUO, you will need two devices: one to show a QR code and one to scan the QR code.

  1. Go to the Spartan App Portal at
  2. Click the "Sign In" button on the top right side of the screen under the search bar.
    screenshot of one.sjsu app.

  3. Enter your SJSU ID and password in the SJSU Single-Sign On page.
    screenshot of password entry screen.
  4. Once you put in your SJSU ID and password, a prompt to set up DUO will pop up:
    screenshot of DUO app startup.

  5. Click on the Settings menu and choose "Add a new device"
  6. On the “What type of device are you adding?” page, select “Mobile Phone” and click "Continue"
    Note: If you do not have a smartphone or do not want to install DUO on your phone, you may contact the IT Service Desk (408-924-1530) for help with getting a DUO key fob instead.
  7. Enter your phone number (including area code)
  8. Check the box to confirm that the number is correct
  9. Click the "Continue" button
  10. Select the type of phone (iPhone, Android or Windows)
  11. Click the "Continue" button.
  12. On your smartphone, download and install the “DUO Mobile” application from the respective app store.
  13. Open the DUO Mobile application and tap the “+” button on the upper right corner. You may need to allow the application to access the camera on your device.
  14. Move your camera over the QR code shown on the computer screen in order to scan the code.
  15. Click the "Continue" button.
  16. Confirm that your information is correct and click the "Continue" button. You will see a message that says “Enrollment Successful”.
  17. Click “Send Me a Push” and a push notification will be sent to your device.
  18. On your device, tap “Approve”. 

Congratulations! You are now enrolled in DUO two-factor authentication and your SJSUOne account is fully activated.

For more information on DUO two-factor authentication, please visit the SJSU Duo MFA webpage.