Uploading Invoices

The SJSU e-Invoice portal is a quick and convenient method to submit purchase order invoices to Payment Services for payment processing.

Submitting an E-Invoice

When you receive a purchase order invoice from a supplier:

  • Verify that bill is accurate and that you have received the items being invoiced.
  • Check for a valid Purchase Order (PO) Number.
  • Submit a Change Order if the invoice exceeds the PO Encumbrance.
  • Upload the file to e-Invoice portal.

After Submission

  • You may receive notifications from Payment Services requiring further action.  Please respond promptly to when asked to provide:

    CFS Receipt Number
    - See the Receipts Tutorial [pdf] for step-by-step instructions to confirm that you received item(s) from a supplier.

    Approval to Pay - If a CFS receipt is not required, we may need written consent from the department to pay the invoice.

  • Login to FTS to verify an invoice was received by Payment Services (see Page 39 of the Requisition Tutorial [pdf])