Become a SJSU Supplier

We appreciate your desire to conduct business with San José State University. However, we will only onboard a supplier if they are actively being solicited for products or services by a university department. 

Invitation Process

After a department receives a price quote or an invoice from a new supplier, they will initiate an invitation through PaymentWorks. Department users can refer to our Finance Tutorials for more information.

Onboarding through PaymentWorks

PaymentWorks is the university’s cloud-based application for supplier onboarding.  This onboarding process replaces our traditional Vendor Data Record (204) form. 

PaymentWorks provides several benefits:

  • Suppliers can access dashboards showing invoice and payment status for all connected customers.
  • Suppliers can update their company information securely. 
  • Customized registration form that ensures we receive all the appropriate information needed to set up your company as an SJSU supplier.

We are currently onboarding new suppliers only, but we will begin to onboard our existing suppliers so that they can receive the benefits of the PaymentWorks application.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Please note that PaymentWorks requires all suppliers to set up multi-factor authentication using their phone number.  This helps to protect our supplier accounts from fraudulent activity.

Attestation of Compliance for Service Providers

In the interest of maintaining the health and safety of students, employees, guests, and other members of the campus community, the California State University requires all individuals who are accessing campus properties and facilities at any CSU university location to wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status, as masks are required while accessing SJSU property and/or facilities both indoors and outdoors.

Suppliers performing work on the San Jose State University campus (i.e. any and all SJSU property) must complete the Supplier Self Attestation Form (DocuSign) prior to performing work onsite. We recommend completing the form at least two business days in advance of the work taking place.