Other Payments

Employee and Student Reimbursements

The Employee and Student Reimbursement process is intended as a way to reimburse SJSU employees and students under specific circumstances.  

Interagency Financial Transaction

Interagency Financial Transaction (IFT) is a process to invoice or pay another CSU campus or CSU employee.

Petty Cash

Petty cash is intended as a reimbursement method for university business related expenses that are under $50. It should be used when cash is the most cost efficient method of payment.

There are two types of petty cash reimbursements:

  1. Petty Cash Reimbursements [pdf] allow employees to seek reimbursement from the Bursar's Office. The payment is issued immediately when you submit the completed form, and it is charged against a department's chartfields.  
  2. Petty Cash/Change Funds can be set up to allow employees to use change funds from a department for an immediate purchase. Please check with your department to see if this is a viable option.