Campus Copier Program

About the Program

The Campus Copier Program (CCP) is a campus-wide program created to monitor and negotiate copier costs for the entire campus.

Our mission is to provide efficient and reliable copy equipment to meet the needs of San José State instructional, service and administrative units.

To provide the highest standards of service at the lowest possible cost, we insure that copier equipment adequately meets the needs of users in terms of:

  • Size
  • Types of features
  • Copy quality
  • Replacement of equipment

When a new copier is ordered it may need to be tagged as an asset when it arrives.

Program Costs

Departments pay a base program fee of $1,500 per black and white copier and $1,920 per color copier at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Not everything is included in the base fee. For details on any additional costs, see our Campus Copier Program Guide and Checklists.

Meter Readings

Quarterly meter readings are performed remotely by the Campus Copier Program Coordinator.

Available Copiers

For a list of copiers and their specifications, see Copier Manuals and Specifications.

Ordering Supplies and Requesting Service


  • For copier supplies, complete the CCP Supply Order Request form.
  • For copier paper, use your ProCard to order from Staples Advantage in CSUBUY.

Service Requests

  • If your copier needs service, submit a CCP Service Request form.
  • When the copier service provider arrives, please respond to the email you got from and let us know their arrival time. That helps us track response times and vendor performance.

Update Changes Submission Form (Dept ID, contact, and etc.)

CCP Coordinator

Emely Balingit 408-924-1767

Copier Manuals and Specifications

Departments receive a hard copy manual with their copier. If your manual is ever misplaced or if your copying needs have changed, we've provided links to online manuals and specifications for your convenience.

The following copier models meet ATI procurement requirements and are being used on campus: