Spartan Eats Food Service

Colorful Spartan Eats Campus Dining logo

Spartan Eats is our sole provider for food and dining services at San José State University. There is a shared passion not only for culinary and flavor, but also for innovation and the wholesome spirit.

As part their mission, Spartan Eats serves the SJSU community through five core values:

  • Innovation - We are ignited by innovation, and committed to constant evolution, being ingrained in market trends, and uncovering student needs.
  • Culinary - Matched with fair pricing and students’ needs, menus are flavorful, fresh and always cooked from scratch.
  • Guest Service - We are efficient in our service by engaging with our guests to build lasting memories and social spaces during their time on campus.
  • Wellness - We power Spartans with healthy food that is seasonally relevant, and sustainably sourced.
  • Community - We support both our local and global community with a great place for students to empower, gather, connect, and create memories. The SJSU community will always have the strongest voice.

For more information, visit the Spartan Eats Campus Dining website.