Requisition to Purchase Order

A requisition is a process of formally requesting a service or product on behalf of your department. Requisitions are reviewed and processed by Procurement Services and Contract Services.

Plan Ahead

Submitting a Requisition

Throughout the requisition process, the Strategic Sourcing - Procurement Services Team will serve as a collaborative partner to help departments leverage their purchasing power, utilize system-wide contracts, abide by federal and state guidelines, and build relationships with new suppliers.

Issuing a Purchase Order

After the Procurement Services Team finalizes the requisition with the supplier, they will issue a Purchase Order (PO) to the supplier and the department contact. The department can then request fulfillment of their goods/services.

When a PO is issued, our financial systems will also reserve the total amount of the PO as an "encumbrance" for budgeting purposes. You can make a payment against the PO if the invoice amount is equal to or less than the encumbrance. To learn how to run financial reports, please see our Training and Tutorials.

Important: Payment of goods/services should not occur before a PO is issued.

Additional Guidelines

Depending on the commodity or services being procured, supplemental documentation and/or guidance may apply to your requisition. Please see the Forms and Resources.