FABS Contact Emails

Accounting Services

Email / Webform Purpose
Journal Entry Upload Request NEW JE Adjustment requests (request type: JE Adjustment)
Recharge requests (request type: JE Recharge)
Other Journal Entry requests (request type: JE Other)
Student account adjustment requests (Bursar's office only)
arbilling@sjsu.edu NEW Submit A/R Billing requests. Contact for any ARBI questions.
iftrequests@sjsu.edu Submit IFT requests. Contact for any IFT questions.
incomingdeposits@sjsu.edu Notify Accounting of any expected incoming deposits via ACH, wire, or other payment methods
nrat-ubit@sjsu.edu Questions regarding Non-Resident Alien Tax (NRAT) and Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)
reply-to-accounting-services@sjsu.edu For responses to notifications regarding Journal Entry and JE manual upload requests

Budget and Financial Management

Email Purpose
university.budget.office@sjsu.edu Questions about employee recruitment, campus report submissions to the budget office, and general inquires

Bursar's Office

Email Purpose
bursar@sjsu.edu Questions related to students, deposits, e-Market, and petty cash
cashierbanking@sjsu.edu Incoming deposits
studentrefunds@sjsu.edu  For student inquiries regarding payments received from SJSU or to request of a stop payment and reissue of a check.

Contracts & Procurement Services

Email Purpose
catering@sjsu.edu Questions for adding an alternative caterer that's not listed on the Master Caterer List
campuscopierprogramrequests@sjsu.edu Contact email for questions relating to the program
contracts-insurance@sjsu.edu Forward supplier's Certificate of Insurance to Contracts & Procurement Services
strategicsourcing-c-ps@sjsu.edu General questions for Contracts & Procurement, Inquiries about statuses of PO's

Distribution Services

Email Purpose
distributionservices@sjsu.edu  Questions about mail and package services.


Email Purpose
financeconnect@sjsu.edu  For questions on processes, procedures, and general questions related to Finance & Business Services.

Payment Services

Email Purpose
clearance-payroll-requests-to-ap@sjsu.edu  Final check requests
non-employee-travel@sjsu.edu  Questions regarding SJSU students, candidates, and suppliers traveling on official university business and where you will submit your completed Travel Claim Form
payment-services-group@sjsu.edu   General Payment Services Questions
reply-to-accounts-payable@sjsu.edu  Internal use only - For responses to notifications for Direct Pays, Employee Reimbursements, and PO Invoices submitted via e-Invoice.
supplier-invoices@sjsu.edu  Submit supplier invoices or ask questions regarding invoices
vendor-request@sjsu.edu  Questions about PaymentWorks or submit an address update if you're an employee or student

Risk Management




Providing expert risk management guidance to reduce risk and keep everyone safe throughout the campus community.