Inter-Campus Mail

Inter-Campus Mail Pickup and Delivery

  • Inter-Campus Mail is picked up from on campus locations between 10:00am and 12:00pm, and between 1:00pm and 2:15pm from off campus locations.
  • Throughout the day, as the Inter-Campus Mail is brought back to Distribution Services, it is sorted by campus zip code extensions and staged for delivery the following business day.
  • Inter-Campus Mail from the previous day will be tied with the current day’s USPS Mail and delivered to the departments.

Inter-Campus Mail Tips

  • Inter-Campus Mail must have the recipient’s name, department name and campus zip code extension for proper segregation and delivery.
  • Piece counts for campus-wide mass mailing distribution:
    • 300 pieces for Campus Administrators
    • 2,100 pieces for Faculty
    • 1,400 pieces for Staff
    • 3,800 pieces for All

Inter-Campus Mail Supplies

  • For free Intercampus envelopes, please contact the Administrative Support Coordinator at 408-924-1590. Please indicate which and how many of an item is needed.