Finding a Supplier

These are the steps for users when selecting existing suppliers and onboarding new ones. Supplier is also known as a vendor.

Existing Supplier

Note: The supplier must exist in the Financial Transaction Services (FTS) database in order to complete a Requisition or Direct Payment Voucher. If it does not exist, please see section on “New Supplier”.

New Supplier

Supplier Not in the System?

  • When initiating your Requisition/Direct Payment Voucher in FTS, invite your supplier to on-board as a new supplier. For detailed instruction refer to the Requisition or Direct Payment Voucher tutorial. 
  • Once your supplier has completed their on-boarding, you will receive a notification and will then be able to complete the requisition/direct payment process.



  • All suppliers must be properly on-boarded into our system in order to submit the requisition/direct payment voucher for approval in FTS.

Documentation Requirements

  • Certificate of Liability Insurance, including Additional Endorsement (for services performed on campus)
  • Health permit (Catering only)

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