Before you Travel

Travel Checklist

The SJSU Travel Checklist provides step-by-step instructions on requesting university authorization for business travel and assists travelers with planning.

Travel Guide

The SJSU Travel Guide [pdf] provides policy information on allowable expenses and restrictions.

Banned States (Domestic)

In accordance with California Assembly Bill 1887, state funds cannot be used to travel to states with discrimatory laws. 

For all out-of-state domestic travel, please check the list of banned states to determine whether you can pay for the trip with state funds (e.g. Operating Fund, 70000).

We will allow departments to use state funds if there is an allowable exception.  Please indicate which exception applies when you submit the travel authorization.

High Hazard Travel (International)

For all international travel, please check U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories and the CSU High Hazardous Country List [pdf] to determine whether your destination is considered "high hazard."

If traveling to a high hazard country: