Fiscal Year-End

Fiscal Year End Countdown - June 30, 2024

San José State University operates on a fiscal year calendar, which officially begins July 1st and ends June 30th.  Finance and Business Services strives to have an efficient and timely closing of the university’s books by June 30th and provide accurate financial reporting to the State Controller’s Office and Chancellor’s Office.

It is important for campus departments to review and reconcile their accounts throughout the fiscal year. Active participation by departments towards their finances allows for a true snapshot of their financial health. 

Please help us achieve a successful year-end close by reviewing the Fiscal Year-End Deadlines, planning ahead, and providing information in a timely manner.

You can also follow the FABS Fiscal Year-End Calendar!

Year End Close

Between late June through the end of October, the Accounting Services Department prepares the year-end financials on both the Legal basis and GAAP basis for the university. This endeavor requires collaboration across all of the university’s business units. The data provided is compiled into schedules and supporting documents to facilitate the KPMG financial audit at the CSU level. Accounting Services also reviews component units’ financial statements and incorporates them into the university’s financial reports.