Bidding Process

Formal Solicitation for Goods and Services

When requisitions exceed certain dollar amounts, we have a responsibility as a CSU campus to consider solicitations from additional suppliers and engage in competitive bidding.  Bid limit thresholds are determined by dollar amount of the requisition and commodity type.

Please review the bid limit thresholds and requirements to learn about the processing time and bidding requirements for your procurement requests.

For more information, see the CSU Contracts and Procurement Policy.

Are there alternative options to the competitive bid process?

By utilizing an SB/DVBE Option [pdf], departments can bypass the bidding process for goods/services/IT valued between $5,000.01 and $249,999.99 [or up to $333,000 for public works contracts] after obtaining price quotes from at least two such businesses.

Visit our Small Businesses and Disabled Veterans page to learn more about the state requirements for SB and DVBE participation.

Additionally, the Contracts and Procurement Teams diligently explore current competitively bid agreements across the CSU and throughout the United States by utilizing what is called a Cooperative Agreement. An identified cooperative agreement may be applied to your procurement request, effectively circumventing the need for the standard competitive bidding requirements as indicated in our CSU Policy.

Are you a supplier looking to do business with SJSU?

Suppliers can visit our Bidding Opportunities page to learn about how to be considered for bidding opportunities with all California State Universities.