CMS Security

The CMS Security Team is responsible for coordinating and overseeing campus-wide compliance with policies regarding the confidentiality, integrity and security of information assets. The CMS Security Team works closely with the Chancellor's Office, data owners and campus users based on the request to grant and/or remove access in MySJSU, SJSU@WORK, CFS and FTS. The CMS Security Team also supports administrative functions for the following items:

  • Set up VPN and Oracle accounts with the Chancellor’s Office
  • Test and implement system upgrades
  • Create and maintain roles
  • Create, edit and sustain permission lists
  • Maintain modules in MySJSU, SJSU@Work and FTS. For example: open/close SOTEs and grading periods.
  • Employee clearance in MySJSU, SJSU@Work, CFS and FTS
  • Create, maintain and deactivate departmental name changes in FTS

If you have any questions, visit the CMS Security FAQ.