Degree Program Requirements

SJSU Graduate Degree Program Eligibility

  • Each graduate degree program has unique requirements and a separate application process. Visit their websites to review instructions on how to submit a department application.
  • Make sure you apply first through Cal State Apply. We have developed an SJSU Graduate Domestic Application Tutorial (Domestic Spring and Summer 2020 and Domestic Fall 2020) and an SJSU Graduate International Application Tutorial to assist you.  
  • Secondly, submit department materials and a department application, if required, directly to your program. Note:  not all departments require a department application and materials. Review your intended degree program website for specific graduate department materials you need to submit. You can find your program of interest from the list below.
  • For specific information about the department application, pre-requisites, best fit for you, and/or department GPA requirements, review their admissions information and/or contact the program directly.


College of Business

Website Degree Grad Advisor Phone


MSA Information for International Applicants

MS Dr. Elizabeth Grace (408)924-3474
Business Administration MBA Dr. David Czerwinski (408)924-3420
Taxation MS Dr. Annette Nellen (408)924-3508
Transportation Management MS Dr. Asha Weinstein Agrawal (408)924-5691


College of Education

Website Degree Grad Advisor Phone
Administration & Supervision MA or Credential Dr. Robin Love (408) 924-3607
Child & Adolescent Development MA Dr. Nadia Sorkhabi (408) 924-7478
Communicative Disorders and Sciences MA or Credential Dr. Nidhi Mahendra (408) 924-8161
Counselor Education MA or Credential Dr. Dolores Mena (408) 924-3627
Curriculum and Instruction MA Dr. David Whitenack (408) 924-3736
Educational Leadership Ed.D. Dr. Bradley Porfilio (408) 924-4098
Emancipatory Leadership for Schools MA Dr. Rebeca Burciaga (408) 924-3644
Multiple Subject Credential Credential Marie Kochevar (408) 924-3754
Single Subject Credential Credential Paula Oakes (408) 924-3718
Special Education MA or Credential Dr. Peg Hughes (408) 924-3688


College of Engineering

Website Degree Grad Advisor Phone
Aerospace Engineering MS Dr. Nikos Mourtos (408) 924-3867
Biomedical Engineering MS

Dr. Alessandro Bellofiore

Dr. Folarin Erogbogbo

(408) 924-4096

(408) 924-3923

Chemical Engineering MS Dr. Melanie McNeil (408) 924-3873
Civil Engineering MS

Dr. Jae-Ho Pyeon

(408) 924-3853
Computer Engineering MS Dr. David Bruck (408) 924-4150
Electrical Engineering MS Dr. David Bruck (408) 924-4150
Engineering Management MS Dr. Minnie Patel

(408) 924-4152

General Engineering MS Dr. Ping Hsu

(408) 924-4048

Human Factors/Ergonomics MS Dr. Anil Kumar (408) 924-7850
Industrial & Systems Engineering MS Dr. Jacob Tsao (408) 924-4088
Materials Engineering MS Dr. Melanie McNeil (408) 924-3873
Mechanical Engineering MS Dr. Raghu Agarwal (408) 924-3845
Quality Assurance MS Dr. Freidoon Barez (408) 924-4298
Software Engineering MS Dr. Dan Harkey (408) 924-4038
Software Engineering: Cybersecurity MS Dr. Younghee Park (408) 924- 7854
Special Session Programs MS Special Sessions Office (408) 924-3968


College of Health and Human Sciences

Website Degree Grad Advisor Phone
Audiology AuD

Dr. Shaum Bhagat

(408) 924-4019

Justice Studies MS Dr. Ericka Adams (408) 924-3339
Kinesiology MA

Dr. Ted Butryn 

Dr. Jessica Chin

(408) 924-3068 (408) 924-3039
Nursing/Nurse Educator  MS

Dr. Dorothy Moore

Dr. Lisa Rauch

(408) 924-3178

(408) 924-1347

Family Nurse Practitioner MS Dr. Deepika Goyal (408) 924-3149
DNP - Doctor of Nursing Practice DNP Dr. Ruth Rosenblum (408) 924-3160
Nutrition, Food Science & Packaging MS Dr. Giselle Pignotti (408) 924-3108
Mindfulness Based Occupational Therapy CERT

Rochelle McLaughlin

(408) 924-3089
Occupational Therapy MS

Dr. Gigi Smith

Dr. Winifred Schiltz-Krohn (summer months)

(408) 924-3081 (408) 924-3072
Public Health (Regular Session) MPH Dr. Monica Allen (408) 924-2970
Public Health (Distance) MPH Dr. Monica Allen (408) 924-2970
Social Work MSW Dr. Peter Lee (Director) Dr. Kathy LemonDr. Rachael CresciDr. Soma Sen (408) 924-5800 (408) 924-5845 (408)924-5863


College of Humanities & the Arts

Website Degree Grad Advisor Phone
Art History MA Dr. Anthony Raynsford (408) 924-4796
Art (MFA Programs) MFA Dr. Shannon Wright (408) 924-4401
English and Comparative Literature MA Dr. Revathi Krishnaswamy (408) 924-4439
Creative Writing MFA Dr. Alan Soldofsky (408) 924-4432
Journalism and Mass Communications MS Dr. Scott Fosdick (408) 924-7556
Linguistics and Language Development MA Dr. Julia Swan (408) 924-4444
Music MM

Dr. Gordon Haramaki 

Dr. Diana Hollinger (Special Session Program)

(408) 924-4634 (408) 924-4631
Philosophy MA

Dr. Carlos Sanchez

Dr. Etienne Brown

(408) 924-7581

(408) 924-4219

Spanish MA Dr. Damian Bacich (408) 924-4608
TESOL MA Dr. Scott Phillabaum (408) 924-7095


College of Professional and Global Education

Website Degree Grad Advisor Phone
Data Analytics MS Dr. Lee Chang (408)924-2639
Library & Information Science (School of Information) MLIS Dr. Linda Main (408)924-2494
Archives & Records Administration (School of Information) MARA Dr. Linda Main (408)924-2494
Informatics (School of Information) MS Dr. Linda Main (408)924-2494


College of Science

Website Degree Grad Advisor Phone
Bioinformatics MS

Dr. Melody Moh

Dr. Cleber Ouverney

(408) 924-5088

(408) 924-4806

Biological Sciences MA or MS Dr. Rachael French (408) 924-4900
Biotechnology MBT Dr. Leila Khatib (408) 924-4828
Chemistry MA or MS Dr. Lionel Cheruzel (408) 924-5283
Computer Science MS Dr. Christopher Pollett (408) 924-5145
Data Science MS Dr. Elaine Collins (408) 924-4999
Geology MS Dr. Emmanuel Gabet (408) 924-5035
Marine Science MS Terra Eggink (831) 771-4401



Dr. Wasin So

Dr. Daniel Brinkman

(408) 924-5155

(408) 924-3199

Medical Product Development Management MS Tonja Green (408) 924-4853
Meteorology MS Dr. Craig Clements (408) 924-1677
Science Education MA Dr. Cassandra Paul (408) 924-5228
Physics and Astronomy MS Dr. Peter Beyersdorf (408) 924-5236
Statistics MS Dr. Steven Crunk (408) 924-5157


College of Social Sciences

Website Degree Grad Advisor Phone
Applied Anthropology MA Dr. A.J.Faas (408) 924-5713
Chicana & Chicano Studies MA

Dr. Marcos Pizarro

Dr. Magdalena Barrera

Dr. Estevan Azcona

(408) 924-5584

(408) 924-5583

(408) 924-5837

Communication Studies MA Dr. Oona Hatton (408) 924-5372
Economics MA Dr. Rui Liu (408) 924-5400
Environmental Studies MS Dr. Will Russell (408) 924-5487
Geography MA Dr. Kathrine Richardson (408) 924-5490
History MA Dr. Libra Hilde (408) 924-5500
Public Administration MPA Dr. Frances Edwards (408) 924-5559
Psychology - Clinical MS Dr. Glenn Callaghan (408) 924-5610
Psychology - Research & Experimental MA Dr. Evan Palmer  (408) 924-5547
Psychology - Industrial/Organizational MS Dr. Howard Tokunaga (408) 924-5649
Sociology MA Dr. Susan Murray (408) 924-5756
Urban and Regional Planning MUP

Richard Kos

Dr. Laxmi Ramasubramanian

(408) 924-5854

(408) 924-5589


Graduate Studies

Website Degree Grad Advisor  
Interdisciplinary Studies MA or MS College of Graduate Studies