Property Office is part of the Finance Division's Acquisition Management Department.  The Acquisition Management Department's Mission Statement is:

Our mission is to provide the best value for the campus community by teaming with out customers to deliver innovative, effective and efficient acquisition services.

The Property Office is responsible for property management services, including:

  • Complete campus fiscal inventory every 2 years
  • Tagging SJSU and Foundation donated property
  • Maintaining accurate inventory records which meets the requirements for capitalization
  • Adding property data to the Asset Management System
  • Recording property disposals

The Property Office Procedure Manual (PDF) addresses the most frequently asked questions concerning the acquisition, maintenance and disposition of SJSU property.

If you have additional questions or would like help in solving a property-related issue, please contact the Property Coordinator at 408-924-1562.

Surplus Property

San José State has a program in place to redeploy furniture and equipment no longer used by campus departments. With this program, campus departments have 2 options:

  • Transfer unused furniture and equipment to other campus departments.
  • Sell unused furniture and equipment at an auction.

For more information, please visit the Furniture/Equipment ReUse Program.