Change Order

Change orders are submitted through an OnBase Unity form. Leveraging department security in FTS, the change order request process allows department users to enter a change order request, select the appropriate department approver, and automatically send to Strategic Sourcing - Contracts & Procurement Services for processing. 

The purpose of a change order request is to make official changes to an existing purchase order (PO). Department users should submit a change order request to:

  • Increase or decrease the dollar amount on a blanket PO
  • Change the unit price, quantity, description or chartfields on a PO line
  • Add a new item/line to a purchase order
  • Close a PO line/purchase order
  • Cancel a PO line/purchase order entirely

For detailed, step by step instruction, please see the Change Order Request Process Guide.

Ready to enter your change order? Go to the OnBase Change Order Request Form.